Delkos - NETS

Introducing Delkos News Events Trading Service

Tradersnews is committed to offering users new and innovative online trading tools. Designed specifically with informed traders in mind, the Delkos NETS service sorts through the annual economic calendar, presenting users with potential trading opportunities on a variety of currency pairs and at a number of different time frames.

No longer will you have to manually sort through an abundance of upcoming economic indicators, which can get overwhelming at times. Delkos NETS does this for you by analyzing the impact each event has had historically on related currency pairs when the figures have: exceeded market expectations, fallen short or come in as forecasted.

This provides you with actionable information that can be used to generate entry points or as a valuable confirmation tool for your existing methods of analysis.

Delkos provides many benefits to traders which include:

  • Instant visual insight into the effects of the upcoming Economic events
  • Forecasts Price Movement based on the differences between the actual and the consensus data for each event
  • Unique Opportunities page where users are presented with a list of opportunities to trade from.

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