Bonds: Gilts drop as more central banks join queue to tighten

These were the movements in some of the most closely-followed sovereign bond yields: US: 2.27% (+4bp) UK: 1.25% (+10bp) Germany: 0.45% (+8bp) France: 0.81% (+9bp) Canada: 1.69% (+7bp) Spain: 1.53% (+10bp) Italy: 2.15% (+12bp) Portugal: 3.03% (+5bp) Greece: 5.43% (-6bp) Japan: 0.06% (-0bp) Investors continued to push government bond yields higher, especially on this side of the Pond, with longer-term Gilts underperforming versus their peers from among the G-4 economies. 

Flynn Seeking Immunity Before Testifying To Congress

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn wants to be granted immunity before testifying in front of the Congressional committees investigating alleged Russian meddling in the presidential election.