Gold Settles Lower as Dollar Strength Weighs

The market started the week on the back foot, suffering a loss of $7.53 an ounce, as the dollar’s strength continued to put downward pressure on the price of the precious metal. 

EUR/USD Forecast: May 2018 |

The EUR/USD pair was sideways most of the month of April, but then broke down significantly to crash into the 1.21 handle. 

AUD/USD Forecast: May 2018 |

The Australian dollar has broken down during the last couple of weeks of April, slicing through major uptrend line that goes back to late 2015. 

GBP/JPY Forecast: May 2018 |

The British pound has been rallying over the last couple of months, but over the last couple of weeks has started to see a bit of selling pressure. 

EUR/GBP Forecast: May 2018 |

The EUR/GBP pair has fallen initially during the month of April, but then turned around to show signs of support at the 0.86 level, bouncing over the last couple of weeks. 

BTC/USD and BTC/JPY Forecast |

BTC/USD Bitcoin markets did very little during the session on Monday, as we continue to grind sideways just below the $10,000 level.