Scancell Holdings announced on Thursday that it has entered a collaboration agreement with Dutch company ISA Pharmaceutical, which will see further development of Scancell's Moditope anti-cancer platform.
In return for an upfront payment and royalty fees, the agreement will allow Scancell an exclusive worldwide license to use ISA's AMPLIVANT technology to manufacture, develop and commercialise its Moditope development candidate, Modi-1.

Cliff Holloway, chief executive of Scancell, said: “This collaboration with ISA Pharmaceuticals is an important step in the continued development and commercialisation of our first Moditope immunotherapy, Modi-1, which has the potential to treat patients with triple negative breast cancer, ovarian cancer and sarcoma who are resistant to other immunotherapies.”

Previous pre-clinical data indicated that conjugation of the Modi-1 peptides to AMPLIVANT enhanced anti-tumour responses and tumour eradication, including protection against tumour re-challenge.

Founded in 1997 as a spin-out from the University of Nottingham, Scancell develops products that stimulate the immune system to treat or prevent cancer and has previously agreed a Moditope collaboration with German firm BioNTech.

“We believe that combining Modi-1 with an enabling adjuvant technology such as AMPLIVANT has the potential to significantly enhance its efficacy in patients and we are looking forward to moving this important and novel therapy into the clinic in the first half of 2019,” said Holloway.

As of 1405 GMT, Scancell's shares were up 10.8% to 13.85p.