Fertility products developer Concepta has inked a marketing agreement with Wei Yi Bei Lian Information Technology in Shanghai that would see thousands of the Chinese company's customers exposed to Concepta's products.
Wei Yi Bei Lian, also known as BB Link, offers free WiFi to waiting rooms in 1,500 maternity hospitals across China and Concepta has developed a landing page that would be displayed on a patient's device when they connect to the WiFi.

The page will give an overview of Concepta's myLotus product, as well as a link to the company's website where more in-depth information can be found.

Initially, Concepta's landing page will be launched in a select number of hospitals, but eventually, the AIM-quoted company looked to reach hundreds of thousands of Chinese women in a phased rollout, through a highly targeted marketing channel.

Concepta's said its distributors would also train the doctors at the hospitals in question on its myLotus product, enabling them to provide further detailed information and recommendations to patients that could benefit from its use.

Erik Henau, Concepta's chief executive, said, “Co-operation with BB Link allows us to target the most relevant potential users of myLotus in a cost-effective way. Additionally, if women are able to read about the product prior to seeing the doctor, there is a greater scope for market penetration.”

“BB Link has developed a sophisticated platform with metrics that permit the measurement of campaign success. We will start with a trial that will help us to refine our key messages to our consumers and to learn how the information links to the logistics of the hospital route,” he added.

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