UK inflation remained at 3.0% in January, which was higher that the market expected but not so high that the Bank of England will be too worried yet.
The consumer price index in January was 3.0% higher than a year ago, the Office for National Statistics revealed on Tuesday, the level that it fell to in December from 3.1% the month before. Based on the average forecast from economists, CPI was expected to ease down to 2.9%.

Core CPI, which strips out more volatile prices such as food and fuel, rose 2.7% in January, more strongly than the 2.6% predicted and up from the 2.5% rise a month before.

On a month-over-month basis, CPI fell 0.5% in January, less than the 0.6% fall predicted after rising 0.4% a month earlier.

CPIH, which is the preferred measure of inflation of the ONS as it includes owner-occupiers' housing costs, rose 2.7% for the second month in a row, which was shy of the 2.8% expected.

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